FIELD RATIONS x Wrong Side "Guriddo" pocket square


"Guriddo" is the Japanese word for "Grid".

Wrong Side is headed by both Josh and Sam Newman. These two brothers hail from Austin but split their time equally between Dallas and San Antonio. We first met them a few years back at Northern Grade and instantly new we wanted to work together. Our shared "love" for reclaimed fabrics is what really started it all to be honest. It would only be a matter of time before we would cross paths again.

So a collection was born...

The inspiration for this Collection was to pull elements of the "Summer" while at the same time incorporating a Japanese "feel" to the overall look. The Japanese have always been known for their love of indigo, of which can be seen in the kendo jackets that reside within our "Souvenir Summer" capsule. With that in mind, we instantly new that we needed to incorporate "hues of blue". Always seeking a sense of military, we knew the term "Sentai Seas" would perfectly encapsulate this Summer Collection.  

In Japanese, "Sentai" may literally be translated to mean "squadron". The term is best known for it's use during World War II by the military Empire of Japan. Their Naval use of "Sentai" was for their battleship division. Hence the term "Sentai Seas"...

The fabrics within this collection are all "deadstock". This is all there will ever be. They were all found in a barn owned by Colt's grandmother in the Texas Hill-Country (she used to be a seamstress).

Get one while you can, there is less than 20 of each style....

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